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English Department
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Kim Parker
Head Teacher
Jennifer Feener
Nicole Mini
Staci Fleury
Jill Kalinowski
Frank Smith
Pamela Kessaris
Louis Wallach
Renee Marshall

All Language Arts courses work on the communications skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, presenting and viewing, using a variety of resources. The various difficulty levels of courses are provided to ensure that all students can be challenged, according to interests, abilities, educational backgrounds, and future plans. Students must pass a minimum of four (4) units of English to fulfill graduation requirements. Courses designated with a Roman Numeral (I. II. III. IV.) are sequential and thus must be successfully completed before the next level may be undertaken. (That is, an English I, any level, must be passed before English II can be studied; English I and II must be passed before English III can be studied; and English I, II, and III must be passed before English IV can be studied.) Courses can be taken only once for credit unless specifically noted in the course description.

Students in honors courses need to exhibit superior preparation in the language arts and also to read and write extensively and be capable of adjusting to an accelerated pace and a heightened challenge in all aspects of the curriculum. Students in college prep classes need to exhibit sound training in all of the language arts. Students receive instruction that generally is geared toward preparing them for the rigor of academic work at a variety of colleges and universities.