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Fine Applied and Performing Arts
Contact TypeContact Information
Lynne Mullen
Head Teacher
(978) 745-9300
Drama and Music
Benjamin Kirk
Lianne Goodwin
Cynthia Napierkowski
Kristen McCarthy
Sushila Day
Lynne Mullen
Art Department
The Visual Arts area involves the students in perceiving the world they live in, reacting to the things they see and feel, and interpreting their emotions, feelings and insights through a variety of visual materials. Art experiences are selected and organized with different emphasis and degrees of complexity resulting in a broadened understanding of all four aspects of the art subject: perceiving, performing, appreciating, and criticizing. The aim of the program is to involve the student in the discovery of ideas as well as techniques, to teach them not only to be creative, but also to teach them about creativity. The experimental nature of studio activity makes exploration and discovery a mutual experience for both instructors and students. The courses engage the student in their perceptual and conceptual processes, which are common concerns of the artist and designer. This is a "hands-on" approach in producing works of art using a variety of methods and materials.  Courses are available in the following areas: Graphic Design, Photography, Painting & Drawing, Ceramics & Sculpture, Mixed Media, Portfolio Preparation, and Advanced Placement.

Salem High School's drama curriculum is committed to academic excellence, offering the following courses: Drama I, Advanced Drama, a festival preparation course, theater production courses and independent studies. The Department also offers an after school Drama Club that is open to the entire student body.  Each year, our program produces one major musical, two straight plays, and various other performances resulting in a season of at least three major productions.

Artist-in-Residence Program
The Salem High School Drama Club, in partnership with the Salem High School Department of Music and Drama provides quality instruction and co-curricular performance opportunities to the students of Salem High School and community at large.

The Artist-in-Residence Program provides after school instruction, community outreach, and performance opportunities during the months of November through February during each academic school year. Each artist-in-residence program culminates in one major production combining the work created in each artistic medium.

Music Department
Music participation provides students with unique and exciting learning opportunities not found in many other school offerings. Our program offers a variety of elective courses... some are exploratory, some are for the enjoyable use of leisure time, and some are to prepare for a vocation or career training.

Music Course Selection Guidelines
  • The following exploratory courses are available as electives for the entire student body: nos. 826 and 829.
  • Enrollment in courses nos. 809, 810, 811, 812, 813, 817, and 819 is available as electives for those students who like to sing and/or perform on band and orchestra instruments or keyboard. PUBLIC PERFORMANCE IS REQUIRED.
  • Those students considering music as a college major or minor could follow a sequence of courses after exposure to the exploratory courses: EACH YEAR one or more courses in the nos. 809 through 820 series should be selected and may be repeated as often as the student wishes during their school career. IN ADDITION the following courses should be selected:
  • 826 Piano Laboratory
  • 830 Music II
  • 831 AP Music Teory
  • 856 Independent Study in Music (Honors)