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The Hawthorne Program
The Hawthorne Program
Salem High School

The Hawthorne Program was initiated in November 1991 as a support mechanism for students at Salem High School.~ The Hawthorne Program is designed for the student at risk academically, the possible dropout, and the student who needs a stable support system.~ At present the program serves freshman through seniors.~ Student application to the program is based on recommendations from administration, guidance, teachers, parents, community agencies, and students themselves.~ All students are interviewed to determine whether the program is appropriate to meet their needs.~

Each student is generally assigned to one class period in Hawthorne.  If during the day, a student has a problem (either personal or school-related) he or she can report back to the Hawthorne Program and resolve it with the help of the coordinator.~ The student will then return to class or can return to the program at a later time in order to avoid missing important class time.~

The ultimate goal of the Hawthorne Program is to provide extra support to help your child succeed and teach him or her strategies to use when difficult situations arise.  Students are also encouraged to participate in a weekly group to help them learn coping skills.  Group topics include anger management, stress management, conflict management, and social skills training.  Students are taught ways to deal with their emotions appropriately and learn ways to advocate for themselves.  Additionally, the Hawthorne Program provides crisis intervention and a safe haven for students so they do not become major distractions in the classroom.

All students in the Hawthorne Program are given an opportunity to receive mental health counseling from independent agencies.  Students can receive weekly counseling services, which are covered under most insurance policies and are no cost to the district.  The majority of students receive these services during the school day, which allows mental health clinicians to discuss with the Hawthorne coordinator any concerns that may arise.