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Special Education Department
Contact TypeContact Information
Jennifer Doucette-Ly
Head Teacher
Kelsey Achin
Deborah Ibanez-Team Chair
Lori Barry
Leanne Jameson
Sarah Bradford
Ellen Johnson
Myra Caldeira
Katie Keeley
Mary Cobb
Sean McMahon
Craig Cohen
Lisa O'Neil-Team Chair
Peter Crowe
Catalina Palfreman
Craig Cohen
Mary Ronan
Allyson Dugan
Gavin Softic
Jennifer Doucette-Ly
Robert Strom
Maria Edwards
Tom Walsh
Janelle Gallant
Caitlin Walsh-Miaskiewicz
Jane Garthe

The Department of Special Education provides a continuum of educational services to students with diverse needs. Emphasis is placed on educating students to their fullest potential by preparing them for inclusion in an integrated society. Through the Team process, an Individual Educational Plan is developed that addresses the needs of the student in the least restrictive environment.

Special Education support for students in the mainstream can take many forms. It can include quarterly review of the student's progress, consultation/collaboration between regular education and special education teachers, and co-teaching of regular education and special education teachers. Co-teaching is expected to occur in the areas of English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.
Diversion and Mainstream

The Diversion and Mainstream program was developed for students who require a more structured program, and whose persisting disabilities generally fall in the behavioral / emotional areas. Students may participate in direct service at two levels depending upon needs as addressed in the Individualized Educational Plan. Services range from two periods to seven periods daily. For students who are mainstreamed, there exists an on-going effective communication network between regular and special education staff.

An intensive reading, language arts and writing program for identified students whose language based skills are significantly below average for their age and ability. Word attack skills, strategies, spelling - as well as writing clear informational sentences and paragraphs will be emphasized. Spellcheckers and adapted software technology will be used as tools to develop broader writing skills. The students will be exposed to many levels of reading for comprehension, discussion and writing.
The LB Study Skills class will be offered to LB students in order that they organize their regular education assignments and follow through on assigned homework. The class can also be utilized for special testing arrangements as well as support for long range reading and library assignments.

Students whose cognitive potential and achievement levels require an alternative educational setting are serviced in a self-contained program called Learning Skills. This program offers a full complement of academic and vocational courses geared to the functioning level of each student enrolled.

Students whose cognitive and achievement levels do not require them to be in a self-contained program receive services in an Academic Support Program. Students receive direct instruction in English and Math. Students in this program are required to enroll in Academic Support Study Skills. Enrollment in an additional Study Skills offered through the Special Education

The Study Skills Center, staffed by a Moderate Special Needs Teacher, is offered several periods daily. Students whose Individual Educational Plan calls for the Study Skills Center, receive assistance for short or long term projects from regular education courses. Modifications indicated on the IEP, such as extended time for testing or alternative methods of assessment, can be carried out in the Center. Teachers remain updated around regular education course offerings and requirements in order to provide appropriate assistance to Special Needs students in the mainstream.