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Social Studies Department
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Frank Leonard
Head Teacher
Andrew Bub
Lori Marenda
Matt Buchanan
Craig Massey
Beth Factor
Shamus Mruk
Beth Kontos
Christopher Muntiu
Rachael Kozlowski
Amy Selvaggio
Nancy Lincoln
The Social Studies Department at Salem High School offers a rich variety of courses in History, Social Science, Government, and Legal Studies.~ Students are required to earn 3 units of Social Studies to fulfill graduation requirements. One unit must be earned in United States History. The college-bound student should take four years of Social Studies.

The following is the sequence of Social Studies courses for Salem High School students:

Freshman Year: World Studies II (Required) - College Prep or Honors

Sophomore Year: United States History I (Required)-College Prep or Honors

Junior Year: United States History II (Required)- College Prep, Honors or Advanced Placement. Students may also satisfy this requirement with the interdisciplinary course American Studies co-taught between the English and Social Studies Departments.

Electives: Semester and full year electives are available in American Government, Psychology (College Prep, Honors, and Advanced Placement), Sociology, Current World Affairs, Law, Conflict and Change, Comparative Government and Politics (Advanced Placement and Honors), History of Salem, Sociology, and Advanced Placement European History.

Under this sequence of courses, the MCAS assessment in U.S. History will be administered at the end of grade 11 following completion of consecutive years of United States History I and II in the 10th and 11th grades.

In general, the Social Studies program includes a variety of learning experiences designed to equip students with the skills necessary to help them understand and be more effective citizens of the world they live in.

Toward this end, all Social Studies courses include the following goals.
  • Preparing students to be lifelong learners.   
  • Developing civic-minded members of a free, diverse, tolerant, and democratic society.
  • Preparing students to be independent and critical thinkers capable of making connections between their studies in the social sciences and the current state of the local, national, and international world they live in.
  • Imparting a basic knowledge of essential facts and concepts that make comprehension and inquiry possible.
  • Employing methodologies that will actively engage all students in the learning process.
Upon completing their studies in the social sciences at Salem High School, students should be able to:
  • Express their mastery of the key learning objectives as articulated by the Massachusetts History and Social Studies Frameworks.
  • Use, interpret, and evaluate primary and other sources.
  • Identify and explain connections between social, political, intellectual, religious, and economic trends and events, both past and present.
  • Demonstrate how a cause and effect relationship is different from a sequence or correlation of events and to distinguish between long and short-term cause and effect relationships.
  • Identify and explain the physical and political geography of the world.
  • Read for understanding.
  • Take effective notes of what they are learning, seeing, reading, or listening to during their class instruction.
  • Articulate their comprehension of what they learn using their own thoughts and words.
  • Make presentations in a variety of formats.
  • Engage in discussion, debate, and opinion development.